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Business Management

If you want to run your own business or be the person that makes a business successful, explore opportunities in the Business Management field.

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Associate Degree/Certificate

The following careers typically require an Associate degree or a certificate.
Business Assistant and Boss at a desk

Executive Secretary

  • Average Salary: $62,270
  • Job Growth (10 yr):  Slow
A business person's hands at a computer

Accounting Clerk

  • Average Salary:  $40,980
  • Job Growth (10 yr): Slow

Bachelor's Degree

The following careers typically require a Bachelor's degree.
Human Resources Specialists at a computer

Human Resource Specialist

  • Average Salary: $58,890
  • Job Growth (10 yr): Fast
Supply Chain Businessmen in a warehouse

Supply Chain Manager

  • Average Salary: $96,010
  • Job Growth (10 yr):  Fast

Master's/Doctoral Degree

The following careers typically require a Master's or Doctoral degree.
Business Executive on the Phone

Training & Development Manager

  • Average Salary: $111,650
  • Job Growth (10 yr): Fast
Human Resources Executive at Desk

Human Resource Manager

  • Average Salary: $104,300
  • Job Growth (10 yr): Average

Make Your Way Into Business Management

Whether you’re just exploring in high school, still undecided as a college student, or an adult who is wondering if this field is right for you, you can take steps today to enter business management. Find out what you can do no matter where you are.
  • Accounting
  • Business Communications
  • Business Law
  • Computer Applications/Business Computer Applications
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Economics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Web Page Design
  • Senior Year Math
  • Psychology
  • Public Speaking/Speech

Depending on what your goals are — maybe it’s staying close to home, maybe it’s going to get a four-year degree, or maybe it’s to get a certificate — you can find the best fit for you. Here are just a few programs that might suit you. Use our Program Finder to explore in more detail.

  • Business Management
  • Business Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Administrative Office Management
  • Economics
  • Job Shadow
  • Conduct an Interview with a Business Manager/Owner
  • Apprenticeships & Internships
  • Partner with Business/Community Leaders on a Community/School Project
  • Cooperative Work Experience
  • Work at School-Based Enterprise/School Store
  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • Business Consultant
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Business Operations Analyst
  • Chief Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Small Business Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Office Assistant

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