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Evening Programs

Especially these days, pursuing an education must remain flexible and easy to accommodate your busy schedule. Gratefully, the state of Montana provides a variety of evening and night programs to help you complete your education and transition into a promising new career as easily & with as much flexibility as possible.

Why Evening Programs Work

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates greater than 70% of college students have a job, a family, go to school part-time or some combination of the three. To help such students accomplish their educational goals, many Montana-based colleges & universities offer flexible evening & weekend classes as part of their course offerings.

Evening programs continue to be massively popular especially because they offer:

Opportunity to Work and Study. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of evening programs. You're able to work throughout the day while attending evening classes at your leisure.

Convenience. There are a large variety of evening programs available in colleges & universities throughout Montana. Coupled with online & hybrid options, you’re able to choose an evening or night program that works for your lifestyle.

Plenty of Prep Time. Preparing last-minute homework assignments and papers is somewhere we’ve all been. Trying to do that work before an evening class compared to an early morning class is likely far more convenient. More prep time also allows for better quality work.

Growth of your Social Experience. Taking evening classes with other adult students – those with professional working experience – can be of tremendous benefit. Education is always valuable on its own. But it’s even more important when you learn how to apply what you learn in real life while also gaining valuable references and connections.

Evening Programs Around Montana

Below are some helpful links to colleges that offer flexible evening & weekend classes around Montana. Keep in mind, this is not a complete list of evening classes that Montana offers. However, they are certainly a good place for you to begin your search.

Dawson Community College
To fit with your busy schedule, Dawson Community College provides convenient daytime and evening schedules as part of its degrees and programs.
Dawson Community College
Flathead Valley Community College offers a variety of evening, weekend, and online courses to accommodate the flexible needs of families and working professionals. 
Gallatin College
Take advantage of one- and two-year workforce degrees and certificates with flexible daytime & evening schedules designed to help you improve income prospects, create better opportunities, or shift into promising new careers.
MSU Billings
MSUB offers a wide variety of coordinated evening and online courses, including online certificates, two-year degrees, and four-year degrees.>
MSU Northern

Whether it’s your busy lifestyle and schedule, or just a matter of preference, Montana State University Northern offers many evening classes as part of its course offerings. 

University of Montana Helena College of Technology
University of Montana’s Helena College provides flexible schedules and learning opportunities with online programs, evening, weekend and even lunchtime classes.

Learn The Way You Want

Education works because it opens opportunities and provides the tools to shift into promising new careers. However, the path to an education does not need to be the same for everyone.
Chris DiSalvatore, GFCMSU
The schedule was very open to what I needed. I could do online classes or in-person classes.
Chris DiSalvatore
Network support and security program, Great Falls College