What Will I Need to Apply?

Ready, set, let's do this!  With Apply Montana, applying to an institution within the Montana University System has never been easier.  

Organizing calendar for application.

You got this. 

Asking yourself some challenging questions, along with knowing what information to collect before completing an application, will help make the process easier. 

  1. Contact Information - this is how colleges and universities will communicate with you.  Make sure to use updated information and provide resources that you check frequently.

  2. What are you interested in studying?  - Whether you have thought about a future career or not, utilizing the career finder tool can assist with understanding your many opportunities. 

  3. Where do you want to study? - the Montana University System is home to 16 unique campuses.  Access the campus pages to learn more about our different Montana institutions.  

  4. Be organized and check your email - Life can be busy.  To help yourself keep track of scholarship deadlines, visit opportunities, and important information - stay organized.  Use whatever process works for you; calendar, app, excel sheet, sticky notes....make it yours, keep it updated, and stay on top of deadlines and next steps.  

  5. Learn about Apply Montana - the Apply Montana application makes applying to a Montana University System campus fast and easy.  Check out these FAQs to learn more.

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