Montana STEM / Healthcare Scholarship Program

Montana’s STEM/Healthcare Scholarship Program is designed to provide an incentive for Montana high school students to prepare for, enter into, and complete degrees in postsecondary fields related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and healthcare. The goal of this program is to increase the number of STEM/Healthcare degree recipients participating in Montana’s workforce.

General Information

Awarded to seniors from high schools accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education Students who are awarded a scholarship and continue to meet the requirements may receive; $1,000 the first year, $1,500 the second year, $1,500 the third year and $2,000 the fourth year. View the STEM Fact Sheet or access the FAQ page.

Eligibility Requirements

  • To receive $1,000 for the first academic year at a qualifying campus

    • Must be a resident of the state of Montana per Board of Regents Policy 940.1
    • Must apply the year they graduate from a high school accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education
    • Must obtain a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.25
    • Must complete 4 years of college prep math and 3 years of college prep science by graduation
    • Must apply to and be accepted by one of the eligible campuses
    • Must be seeking a first certificate, or 2-year, or 4-year degree
    • Must declare a qualifying STEM or Healthcare major
    • Must be enrolled a minimum of full-time (12+ credits) each semester at a qualifying campus
    • Must enroll the first fall semester immediately following high school graduation

Application Process

Applying is a multi-step process. Students must complete each of the following steps by the deadline for their application to be considered complete;

  1. Apply to and be accepted by one of the eligible campuses

  2. Apply online by March 15

  3. Print the Math and Science Certification page from the application, have it signed by the High School Counselor/Designee


  • Copy of official 7th semester high school transcript reflecting all classes from freshman year through the first semester of senior year including cumulative GPA (request from your high school in early February)
  • Copy of College Acceptance Letter or Acceptance email
  • Math and Science Certification page, signed by the High School Counselor/Designee

Additional Information

Contact Award Montana

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