Dual Enrollment Costs

A great way to cut down on the cost of your college experience is by earning college credit for free before you even graduate high school. Take classes that count towards both your high school and college degrees — at no additional cost!

Making College Affordable

Students can take dual enrollment courses for either Dual Credit or College Credit Only. Dual Credit courses award high school and college credit simultaneously for the same course. College Credit Only courses award college credit (and not high school credit) for a college course.

  • First two courses, or up to six credits, through One-Two-Free -- FREE!
  • Additional Courses are available at 50% of two-year resident tuition
  • Students demonstrating hardship may apply for scholarship for additional courses
  • Course fees may apply for some courses

Dual enrollment programs in the MUS do not cover the cost of textbooks or fees for particular courses (such as labs, etc.). Generally, these costs depend on what class you take and whether you take it online, on-campus, or in your high school.

Tribal colleges are not part of One-Two-Free at this time, but most offer free or reduced tuition programs for students. Contact a campus dual enrollment coordinator for more information. 

Infographic for Dual Enrollment