Why Go to College

Where do you expect to be in five years or ten years, and what do you want out of life? By attending college, you start to answer these important questions. Explore just a few reasons why you should go to college.

Start a New Chapter

Having the college experiences allows you to explore and broaden your interests, pursue your goals, meet new people, achieve self-discovery and figure out what your calling is.

Invest in Your Future

Higher education will broaden your horizon, lead you to self-discovery, and open many doors for you in the future. College is a time to test yourself and to see what you can achieve. Give yourself every opportunity possible to succeed and pursue your dreams. After all, a college education is an investment in YOU!

Find a Job & Increase Earning Potential

More and more jobs require education beyond high school. Many employers require a college degree; it shows that a person knows how to start something, work at it, and see it through to the end. In this competitive job market, it's one more thing that can set a person apart from other non-degree holding applicants.

Education pays. Experts who have researched the performance and job success of college graduates have concluded that, nationwide, four year college degree holders earned roughly 40% more than high school graduates earned the same year. The further you educate yourself, the higher your earning potential will be. Education pays higher earnings and lower unemployment rates.

Experience Greater Job Satisfaction

Going to college opens many doors to the working world. With a college education, you choose the career field you plan to major in throughout your college years and determine your career path. Most people report job satisfaction when they are working in a field they enjoy and when there is higher earning potential. Higher earning potential are more often found with jobs requiring a college degree. Your earning potential will be larger and you will have an edge over those without degrees.