Career Pathways

It’s important to understand how your education connects to your future — and how to make smart decisions that will prepare you for college and your career. Discover your interests before you start your educational journey so you can choose the educational pathway that will lead to success in college and your career. 

Get the Skills. Hit the Market.

A postsecondary education — whether it’s a certificate or a doctorate — provides a way for you to earn more money in high-demand jobs. And earn security for your future.
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career pathways in Montana

Discover Your Path

Plan your education with your future in mind. Montana Career Pathways help you learn about career options that are in-demand in Montana and the types of activities you can engage in to prepare for your next step after high school. Find careers that interest you, research education and training opportunities, and start down your path. 
advanced manufacturing student
Work with processing materials into intermediate or final products. Provide professional and technical support through production planning, maintenance, manufacturing, process engineering, and more.
agricultural construction students
Manage, maintain, and repair cultivation machines, and work as professional farming technicians.

environmental science students
Work with agricultural resources and commodities such as food, wood products, and animal products. Related jobs include production, processing, marketing, distribution, and development of these food and natural resources. 
pottery classroom
Work with multimedia content ranging from visual and performing arts, journalism, and entertainment services as a designer, producer, performer, writer, or publisher.

business management classroom

Ensure efficient and productive business operations through planning, organizing, and evaluating essential business functions.

Design, plan, manage, build, and maintain the built environment, including homes, buildings, public spaces, and more.

education students
Plan, manage, and provide education and training services and learning support to children, teenagers, and adults.
finance student
Provide services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance, business financial management, and more. 

physical therapy students

Plan, manage, and provide a variety of health care and services, including therapeutic, diagnostic and support services, health informatics, and more.

culinary arts classroom
Manage, market, and operate businesses like restaurants, hotels, food services, attractions, recreation events, and other travel-related services.

human services students
Provide support services for human and family needs, such as counseling and mental health services, family and community services, personal care and more.
information technology students

Develop, support, and manage technological systems, ranging from hardware and software to multimedia and systems integration services.

marketing students
Reach business goals through planning, managing, and performing marketing activities.
STEM students build robots
Plan and manage scientific research and technical services. Work in a laboratory setting and conduct testing services and research and development. 

Plan and manage the movement of people and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail, and water. Provide services like transportation infrastructure planning and management, mobile equipment facility maintenance, and more.
welding students
Design projects and build products, parts, and equipment from metal. 

Do What Moves You

Students need to know that they can find a pathway to complement their interests and goals, and that college is a valuable investment.
Stephanie Hunthausen
Director of K-12 Partnerships, Helena College
Stephanie serves on the Montana ACT Council as well as Helena College’s Strategic Enrollment Planning Steering Team. She is currently managing a grant to Helena College and East Helena High School to build remote learning classrooms on each campus.