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Preparing For College By Grade

Preparing for college — just like studying for any test — requires thinking ahead and making sure you do the prep work so you’re ready when the big day comes. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s why we offer a number of useful programs to help with your school studies while preparing you for the career of your dreams. On top of that, we’ve created guides that you can follow each year to make sure you’re on track to thrive after high school. Follow along and find the right school for you when all is said and done.

Think Ahead With Dual Enrollment

Start considering dual enrollment to help you save time and money in the future. Dual enrollment provides an excellent opportunity to prepare for college by giving you college credit while you’re still in high school. Our “One-Two-Free” program allows you to take up to two courses - absolutely free!
savings with Dual Enrollment compared to the average four-year resident tuition rate
saved in tuition at a two-year school for six dual enrollment credits
of enrolled high school students received college credit in the 2019-2020 school year

Explore Dual Enrollment

Resources By Grade

To learn more about the specific programs and resources offered at the middle school and high school grade level, click into the area you currently belong to. Explore resources that may be available to you and other students for help with your current studies and in preparing for college.
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The Montana University System offers a wide variety of resources to prepare middle school students for high school, college, and worklife. Explore these resources and learn about amazing programs middle school students can take advantage of right now!
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The first year of high school may be hard enough as it is. But you can make it vastly easier on yourself. Take advantage of MUS resources such as tutoring, mentoring programs, and more.
10th grade students
At this point, you may be starting to look around at career options on a broad scale. See what’s out there. At the same time, you can take some testing prep classes and start speaking with your counselor more regularly. See what other tools and resources are available.
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Getting close to graduation, it’s now time to think about what you’ll want to do after high school. To help you with this, take advantage of programs offering help with preparing for college, advising you on career options, and attending dual enrollment courses.
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Thinking ahead to your college education can be overwhelming and difficult. MUS provides you with a wide range of help so you can get guidance on things like financial aid, scholarship applications, college options, and career options, as well as help on your current studies.

Providing Support. Increasing Opportunity.

Career prosperity is never a one-way street. Passions, needs, interests, and strengths may vary widely across different students which is why the Montana University System offers a wide range of resources and help to Montana students helping them finish middle/high school and prepare for college life and beyond.
Jessica Knapp
College does not have to be a 4 year degree as there are so many programs that can advance our students into the trade fields that we desperately need in Montana. Every single student ... has the potential to gain the future they dream of.
Jessica Knapp
GEAR UP Liaison at Troy High School