Prepare for College - 10th Grade

Now that you have one year of high school under your belt, it's time to start thinking about your future and considering what post-secondary education options makes the most sense for your interests and career goals. 

What You Can Do as a 10th Grader

  • Continue thinking about career and college possibilities.  Think about the type of school you might want to attend. Could it be a two-year college? A four-year college? A career training program?
  • Again, keep those grades up. They are the greatest link to your college admission.
  • Prepare for the SAT by taking the PSAT in the early fall. This test serves as a great practice run before taking the real thing.
  • Consider registering for dual enrollment courses as a junior or senior. Through our One-Two-Free program you can take two courses or up to six credits for free. Courses may be on campus, online, or in your high school. Talk to your school counselor or contact a campus dual enrollment coordinator to get started.
  • Ask your school counselor if your school offers advance placement courses designed to award college credit. This is a great way to begin fulfilling some of your college academic obligations.